Mix your Bitcoins

Sudoku Wallet - is a bitcoin tumbler where you can mix your coins with CoinJoin and receive clean coins, which are not related to your identity.

New Sudoku Open Wallet

No logs, no compromising Letters of Guarantee.

You control deposit address with a unique private key.

We respect your privacy with TOR network integration and manual control.

Bitcoin Mixing

You know that Bitcoin is not anonymous. We don’t care about the reasons, you want to clean your bitcoins. But you should now, that any Bitcoin Mixer can’t guarantee absolute privacy and using them involves a risk of losing your coins.

TIP: how to check any connections between 2 BTC adddresses? Use this tool: Bitcoin Path

Sudoku Wallet

It's a web-based bitcoin wallet for single-use with CoinJoin mechanism integration. You will get key along with a Bitcoin address generation which gives you full control over the money you deposit. Generate a temporary wallet, mix your coins with CoinJoin, and delete your wallet to receive strong anonymity.

TIP: you can read more about CoinJoin in Bitcoin Wiki: en.bitcoin.it/wiki/CoinJoin