How to use Sudoku Wallet to mix your coins

Where I should start?

Press "New Sudoku" to generate new sudoku Wallet. You will receive your wallet key to access it. Save it, or write it down somewhere. If you lost it, you can't open your wallet.

How to mix my coins?

You must add Bitcoins to your deposit address, wait for 3 confirmations then press "Mix my coins!". Using just 1 output address is not anonymous, so your coins will be split random between 2,3 or 4 addresses. You will receive clean coins, pre-mixed with CoinJoin with random time delay 1 - 24 hours, which haven't any connections with your deposit coins. Then you just should grab private keys, and import in your own main wallet.

How much fee?

CoinJoin Fee = (Number of Output addresses x Transaction Fee) + Random Fee 0,5-1%

Are my coins safe?

In other Mixers you send your money to unknown address. In Sudoku Wallet you control your coins by private keys from all addresses in wallet.

Can I trust SUDOKU?

Of course you're not. You must carefully check everything and make decision by yourself to use or not.

Where I can import private keys?

You can do it in Electrum wallet, or Blockchain.com, or BTC.com. For example, Blockchain.com can propose you to transfer coins from imported private keys to your wallet.

How to delete a wallet?

It's very important to delete wallet after every CoinJoin. Please generate new wallet for every mixing, to get strong anonymyty. In your wallet you can find button Delete, in the bottom. Warning: this action can't be undone. All wallets will be deleted automatically after 7 days since creation!